Mary D. Wasson

An author, speaker, and writer – she writes and speaks from the heart

  • A Rose with Broken Thorn Esperanza’s Story:
    Redemption from Human Trafficking
  • Marvel in your Autistic Eyes:
    Character Lessons from my Son
  • Potter’s Hand Poetry

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A Rose With Broken Thorns, Esperanza’s Story

A biography about my hero,
my mother. Thorns on a rose protect its beauty from predators. When thorns are broken, the rose is vulnerable
and predators attack. This is Esperanza’s story: Redemption from Human Trafficking

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Meet Mary D. Wasson

Mary D. Wasson is a Southern gal through and through. She loves the Lord and thanks Him daily for allowing her to fulfill a passion to speak and write.

Mary D. Wasson, author, had a successful career working for a Fortune 500 company when she felt the calling to write books. It seemed foreign and almost impossible because as she remembers saying, “I am salesperson not a writer.” Well, God had other plans.

He needed only one thing from Mary – her obedience. Followed by her commitment, to write and rewrite and write again, her mother’s powerful, heart wrenching story. Mary never realized it would take over ten years to complete what she feels is her most important writing project.

In the months that turned into years, Mary would say to God, “Please don’t give up on me and I won’t give up on You.” The waiting period seemed long and sometimes lonely, but she patiently waited on His timing to publish the biography.

In the meantime, Jesus opened the opportunity for Mary to write and publish Potter’s Hand Poetry, which Mary calls “My love story between Jesus and me.” She was amazed how He poured the gift of writing into her life through poems. A few years later, Marvel in your Autistic Eyes was released.

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“For I know the plans I have for you–plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

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Mary D. Wasson shares the story of her mother, Esperanza, who escaped her abuser and though many scars remained, this rose was given supernatural thorns to fulfill her purpose of establishing a mission in Guatemala.

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In this journey alongside her son, who has autism, Christ opens her eyes to the beautiful character qualities of children with autism. Mary encourages other families to marvel at the beauty and uniqueness of every child with autism.

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Mary D. Wasson has penned a collection of poetry that will humble, encourage, and remind you that all things and at all times, your heavenly Father (the Potter) is molding you (the clay) into His masterpiece.



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A True Authentic and Genuine Author

Continue doing what you are doing Mary Wasson!

I have even introduced Mary to other moms who have purchased her books and have found them very helpful and inspirational. I plan to share more of her writing with our support group “Pure at Heart” as we share our experiences in an effort to uplift and motivate each other.

Marvel In Your Autistic Eyes is a great encouragement for parents raising children with any kind of special needs or even without. Teachers and friends of families with autistic children will better understand what life is like for those children and families. Anyone will benefit from reading this book.

I loved this book!

This book was one of the best books I have ever read. I could not put the book down once I started reading it. Mary did a great job writing about her mother’s journey and her passion for establishing a mission in Guatemala.

What a strong woman!

I loved the way the book starts in present day and goes back in time. She may have been weak for a time, but this is one of the strongest women you will read about! Don’t miss being inspired by Esperanza- a true warrior!