People from around the world have been inspired and positively motivated by Mary D. Wasson and her latest books.

Mary D. Wasson is truly gifted

One of the best books I have ever read.

As a mother to a son that has autism, this book was a great encouragement!

This book was one of the best books I have ever read. I have read this book twice, each time I got how our God is so real. The abuse this women went thru and never gave up on God and God never gave up on her.


Mary did a great job writing about her mother’s journey, her mother is one of the strongest women you will every read about, don’t miss out on the story of Esperanza.

Mary D. Wasson is very creative!

Mary grabs the readers attention from the very beginning of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend people add this book to their home library.

Amazing Story!

This book was great! Such inspiration when a person could have given up and lost faith but did not and instead inspired others!

Such a precious book!

It will make you cry, laugh but mostly be thankful! Loved every word. Very inspiring. This is a must read.

I definitely better understand autism.

Thank the Lord for people like Mary who have the courage to write this book.

A loving mother.

Love how this amazing mother took the opportunity to inspire and encourage others.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

This is an amazing story of finding God’s beauty in everyday moments from a unique perspective.

This mama gets it!

So many times we see special needs children as their disability, whereas we should see them instead for their accomplishments!

Mary D. Wasson has a true writing gift

Anyone would benefit from reading Marvel in Your Autistic Eyes.

This book is a great encouragement for parents raising children with any kind of special needs or even without.

The message of focusing on the positive traits and even funny moments of raising a child with autism is rich. Teachers, church volunteers, and friends to families with autistic children will better understand what life is like for those children and families.

Rev. Kevin Earnest, Children’s Pastor

Mary D. Wasson gives life with autism a whole new light

The way she focuses on the positives and the blessings that come from having a child with Autism is a breath of fresh air.

This book is amazing!

This precious mom’s transparency, genuineness and humor makes it easy to not put down. It is such uplifting read. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

Thank you for both your candid and exciting approach.

I hope Mary D. Wasson continues to bring her heart’s lessons to pen with more of her beautiful writing talent.

Mary D. Wasson is an inspiration for all parents

This book changed my life.

As a mother to a son that has autism, this book was a great encouragement!

Mary offers a great perspective in which to look at your days as you mother your autistic child.
It’s not easy, but after reading this book, I came away with a little more hope and assurance that ALL things work together for the glory of God!

A must read for educators!

As a middle school teacher, this book opened my eyes to a much clearer understanding of the autistic children. Highly recommend for educators to better understand their special needs students.

A sweet book!

I loved how Mary pointed back to Christ throughout this book. It is a great book for anyone to read!!